This site is a collection of works by me Gary P. Ferrante. I am a 32 year old artist/musician who was born and raised in Wilmington, De.  My Love for both art and music has been broad in style for as long as I can remember and continues to grow and develop still. 

     Artistically, I began drawing at a very young age, honing my abilities and adding new mediums as often as I could.  Pictures on paper with a pencil for friends and family, slowly but surely became professional quality photo-realistic art ranging from pencil and pen work to acrylic murals in sizes up to 15 feet by 15 feet.  As a matured artist I do murals, face-painting, jewelry making, sculpture work, portrait art, as well as, many other creative art forms.  I am trying to add as much as I can, little by little, to the site by the way of examples.  If there is an idea you have in mind I am confident I will be able to assist you in your goal of creating a wonderful, unique, and quality piece of art.  So please, if you don't see exactly what you had in mind use the contact page to shoot me an email and I am sure to be open and willing to help in creating your masterpiece, great or small.

     Musically, I have been working to create a broad mix of music from acoustic to heavy dance beats.  I grew up in a family where music was for us, as blood is necessary to the body.  Sounds always pulsing through house whether it was my mom and her band in the basement(indie/rock/punk) or riding with my dad in the car listening to blues and classic rock with a twist of rap.  This constant flow of music leaves no question to why i began singing and writing music.  The catch was i had no training or understanding of backing music or instrumentation.  Long story short i began to play guitar and tap keys on the piano when no one was around.  This led to a burn to get caught up beings i was 17 and most "greats" started very young.  I began studying music, recording, singing, and playing as much as i could.  

     In Jan 2009 I put out my first full album release Gary Ferrante Epiphany-the acoustic side.  Having done all the writing, Instrumentation, editing, and mastering I began to feel like i had reach one of my earlier goals in becoming a musician.  Now with a new album on the way ( no release date yet )  I am trying to redefine the quality of my music and all the shapes and creative aspects as well.  I do have a single done (Follow Me) and hopefully all goes well it will be release officially by the end of february.  You can listen to it now at this .   So once again thanks for checking out my site and I hope you find things that make you smile and flicker your creative mind.


GaryP.Ferrante Jr

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