On this page you will see only a few examples of  jewelry I have been creating....most of which is made of bamboo.  As a martial artist I found bamboo to be entrancing, so light and yet so very durable.  I began making earrings and necklaces of small bamboo.  Than while posting on craigslist a lady asked me to do a pendant for her and I found the larger pieces of bamboo shaped in many ways was wonderful for pendants.  As this idea progressed I began painting portraits (miniature) on them.  Now I am offering hand painted bamboo pendants as you can see below in the samples pictures. ( the sample picture show uncut or unshaped pendants)  



Bamboo pendants one image

$ 25 USD

hand painted bamboo pendants sealed with a clear polyurethane.

this price includes shipping and handling


Bamboo pendant 2 images

$ 35 USD

This is for bamboo pendants containing two sitters...pets/people.....

this is not the price for two pendants although i am willing to consider doing the $35 price of you order two pendants...

this includes shipping and handling


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